What’s at stake in the fake ?

Indian pharmaceuticals, African markets and global health

is what we use as a shorthand to refer to the claims people make about fake drugs and the danger these might pose to global health today

So why does ‘fake-talk’ thrive?

Currently there is no consensus supporting claims about the dangers posed by fake drugs

Where does ‘fake-talk’ circulate?

“Where is the paperwork for this drugs shipment? These are fake drugs, they will be seized”
“I am arresting you in the name of public health”
“The term ‘substandard/spurious/falsely-labelled/falsified/counterfeit’ is referred to hereinafter as 'counterfeit'”
“These drugs are too cheap, there must be something wrong with them”

The problem is not simply pharmacological; it is social

‘What’s at stake in the fake’ studies ‘fake-talk’ and its social, political and economic effects