What's at stake in the fake?

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Rhoda Bandora | People at Fake Drugs Project

Rhoda Bandora

PhD Student (Anthropology)
University of the Witwatersrand

I’m a PhD student in Social Anthropology at the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa. Previously, I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Science in Gender Studies and Political Theory from the University of Cape Town. My research interests lie in understanding the narratives surrounding women’s bodies and women’s attempts to contest, question and subvert hegemonic messages.

My research asks questions about women’s access to contraceptives. My research has shown how “access” is both informed and made difficult by the circulation of narratives around fake medication. In other words, my research brings together two stories: (1) the story of Tanzanian women access to contraceptives and (2) the growing anxiety over the emergence of fake drugs in the country. In my research among women in Tanzania, I use a range of methods, including: in-depth interviews, life histories, and participant-observation. My research seeks bring a feminist approach to contemporary scholarly and policy conversations about fake drugs.

“I’ll tell you what freedom is to me: No fear. I mean really, no fear!”- Nina Simone

Email: r.bandora1994@gmail.com