What's at stake in the fake?

Indian pharmaceuticals, African markets and global health

Nov 2021

“How to Make Fake Drugs” project presentation

TUES 30 NOVEMBER 2021 • Click here: How to make fake drugs -the movie Whether “fake news”, “fake vaccine certificates” or “fake drugs”, it feels like we are bombarded with “fakes” today more than ever. What does this mean for global health? Join members of the “What’s at stake in the fake?” research project team […]

Dec 2019

‘What’s at Stake in the Fake’ Johannesburg Project Group Meeting

With Board Members: Andy Gray, Constance Schultz, Peter Risha, Nissan Chorev and Patrick Kachur.

May - Jun 2020

‘Reading Festival’ and ‘In Conversation’

With Isabel Hofmeyer (Wits University), Sharifa Sekalala (Warwick University), Nitsan Chorev (Brown University), Pow Homer (Manchester University).

Sep - Nov 2020

‘What to do with your project right now cuz it ain’t conventional fieldwork that’s for sure: Some Methodological Invitations.’


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