What's at stake in the fake?

Indian pharmaceuticals, African markets and global health

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  • Sarah Hodges
  • Julia Hornberger
  • Dr René Gerrets
  • Dr Edmore Chitukutuku
  • Nishpriha Thakur
  • Rhoda Bandora
  • Shalini Rudra
  • Keketso Peete
  • Erin Martineau
  • Dr Ushehwedu Kufakurinani
  • Dr Fatima Bapumia
  • Christopher Sirrs
  • Kel Weinhold
  • Zoë Goodman 

When suspicion replaces evidence in public health

Sarah Hodges & Julia Hornberger & Dr Ushehwedu Kufakurinani & Shalini Rudra & Christopher Sirrs & Nishpriha Thakur & Sharifah Sekalala

The case of the ‘Spurious Drugs Kingpin’: shifting pills in Chennai, India

Sarah Hodges

The ghost in the data: Evidence gaps and the problem of fake drugs in global health research

Sarah Hodges & Emma Garnett

From Drug Safety to Drug Security: A Contemporary Shift in the Policing of Health

Julia Hornberger

Who is the fake one now? Questions of quackery, worldliness and legitimacy

Julia Hornberger

Fluid “Fakes” and Contested “Counterfeits”: A Genealogy of Pharmaceutical Quality in the World Health Organization (1948–2017).

Christopher Sirrs

Fake news matters: The media and fake-talk around COVID-19 in Tanzania

Keketso Peete

‘Fake’ Prevention: Exploring the Threat of fake pharmaceuticals to Tanzanian women’s access to reproductive care

Rhoda Bandora

Fake-Talk as Concept and Method

Julia Hornberger & Sarah Hodges

Popular declaration of fake-ness: Xenophobia as fake-talk

Dr Edmore Chitukutuku

Sub-standard or
Sub-legal? India’s International Pharmaceutical Traders and the Problem of Fake Drugs

Nishpriha Thakur